Have you ever taken a stroll in the nicest part of Gastown and seen how cool and hip people are? As the 4th most stylish town in the world, Gastown has its root in 1867 as an epicenter of the 3rd largest town in Canada. Many thing change, but many more stay the same in Gastown. One fashion that never goes out of style is facial hair on Gastown guys. You can look at archive photos, and you can find the finest mustaches then and now.

We surveyed Gastown guys who have facial hair, asking very specific questions, and formulating them to take the essence of their character. Or, the other way around, in that we are able to tell what kind of facial hair fits with you if we know your character.

That is why we provide you with this quiz, to know your character and find which Gastown facial hair you are.


This quiz is part of a BCIT assignment that trains students in catching trends. As designers, they have to be able to recognize where trends are heading, and be able to set trends. There are various trends going on at any moment, and that is why the students were divided into groups to recognize trends that happen in a location. In this particular assignment: Gastown.

Our team picked facial hair as a trend in Gastown for our topic because it is the trend that will never go away. Since the birth of the town to the years to come, facial hair will always be trendy in Gastown. Gastown facial hair is a symbol of this awesome area that keeps on changing, yet is still frozen in time.


1. What kind of food do you find gets stuck in your beard the most?

2. When you go out on a Saturday, where does your beard take you?

3. What's your favorite accessory?

4. Your diet:

5. What is your favorite coffee shop?

6. What is your favorite Craft Beer?

7. What is your favorite form of social media?

8. Tattoos?

9. Choose your favorite mens clothing style: