Amy and Micah gave some photos to Josh Darmawan to use for their wedding poster


My friend Amy and Micah ask me for a wedding poster using their photo.

Josh Darmawan found some movie posters to use as references for Amy and Micah wedding

Poster References

Their theme is vintage movie, so I found some movie poster references.

Vintage Movie Poster designed by Josh Darmawan for Amy and Micah big day

Final Poster

This is the final poster for the big day.

Amy & Micah Wedding

The ceremony was held in an old movie theatre, so they asked for a classic movie theme.

Creative Brief

My friend Amy and Micah asked me to design an invitation and a poster for their wedding. The reception would be held in an old theatre so they asked for movie-like designs


I designed a movie ticket invitation and a movie poster to match it. I started by collecting their engagement photos, then compared them to some old movie posters and picked the best matched. I then designed some rough posters as an alternative for them to choose and created a Final Art using Photoshop. I used yellowish pastel colors to create a vintage looks.

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