Thumbnails are created for Emergency Preparadness poster by Josh Darmawan


Many thumbnails were made to explore all ideas and possibilities.

Josh Darmawan creates some rough lay-out after choosing the right idea


Three best ideas were chosen, then made into roughs. Two roughs for every idea.

Emergency Preparadness posters and postcards by Josh Darmawan

Finished Posters & Postcards

Posters and postcards were finalized with all colours and images put into their places.

Emergency Preparedness Posters and Rebranding

How ready are high school students in facing emergency situations? Creating awareness as early as possible is the key.

Creative Brief

Please create a series of emergency preparedness poster. Don't forget to put the target audience into account, so that your posters will be appealing to them.


Attracting high school students to a serious matter such as Emergency Preparedness is not easy. That was why I use these two approaches. One was to use video game as they are related to it. And they are also familiar with the "Game Over" term. The other was to use a fashionable illustration and teased them that there is a bag that will never out of fashion. These two posters will hit right on the target.

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