The Original website

The extensive number of Gloo Studios prortfolios makes their website looks overwhelming.

Organized all portfolios

We made a new cassification and re-sorted their portfolios.

Final responsive site

The new website was done with a colourful and modern design. It is also responsive so visitor can open it from any devices

Launch Website

Gloo Studios' Website Redesign

By putting featured works on the landing page, potential clients can quickly see their best works.

Creative Brief

Gloo Studios' wanted to redesign their website. They need a more colourful looks, better SEO, and responsive, so clients can open it from any devices


I suggested a new classification system to give the website a better SEO and make it easier to navigate. Then I created blueprints for every pages, and after it was approved, I created a new, more colourful and modern website.

More Web Works