Josh Darmawan creates Kid Zoo logo thumbnails to gather ideas

Logo Thumbnails

I used many thumbnails to explore all ideas and possibilities for the logo.

Josh Darmawan made some Kid Zoo logo color alternatives

Color Schemes

Each color in this five color schemes represent different feel and mood.

Kid Zoo Stationary final design made by Josh Darmawan

Finished Stationery

See how the final stationery took shape once all colours and images put into their place.

Kid Zoo Park Stationary

The best theme park in North America needs a logo, and I found just a perfect one for them.

Creative Brief

For this project, you must design a logo and include it in the design of a header for a website and create a set of stationary. Logo may consist of wordmark of a company name only or a graphic plus company name.


I incorporated animal mascot into the logo by using monkey and giraffee to form the letter "K" and "Z". I picked blue and green as the main colors to simbolize both serious side of the business and fun side of the park.

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