Josh Darmawan creates Kid Zoo logo thumbnails to gather ideas

Logo Thumbnails

I used many thumbnails to explore all ideas and possibilities for the logo.

Josh Darmawan made some Kid Zoo logo color alternatives

Color Schemes

Each color in this five color schemes represent a different feel and mood.

Kid Zoo Stationary final design made by Josh Darmawan

Finished Stationery

See how the final stationery took shape once all colours and images put into their places.

Kid Zone Brand Identity

While picture of kids are quite common for a day care logo, I prefer to use another approach for Kid Zone. By using these adorable creatures for their logo, Kid Zone will establish themselves as a playful, fresh and exciting brand.

Creative Brief

For this project, you must design a logo for a children’s daycare called KidZone and include it in the design of a header for a website and other application.


After many alternatives for the logo, we decide to introduce Kiero the Monkey and Zoe the Giraffe, as the initial letter for Kid Zone daycare. Those two creature are fun, exciting and vibrant. They create a distinct branding for Kid Zone, set it apart form other daycares. But the logo is not the only important part of the brand identity. Color and mood are essential too. After much considerations I find the perfect color scheme and used them to create a web banner and other stationaries. The kites are chosen to symbolize Kid Zone's kids, playful and able to fly as high as they want in the future.

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