Josh Darmawan created thumbnails to explore all ideas


I used many thumbnails to explore all ideas and possibilities for the cover and logo.

Josh Darmawan creates some rough to make sure that the ideas will be worked as a final lay-out

Roughs & Color Schemes

Rough layouts helped me finding the best color schemes and lay-out.

Image of the DVD cover, designed by Josh Darmawan

Meeting Room DVD Cover

Using illustrations for professional products is not easy. But if it is done right, it can show user-friendliness while still maintaining professional look.

Creative Brief

For this project, you must create an instructional DVD packaging. You have to create the name and the logo of the company by yourself.


I decided that I would make an instructional DVD cover for a software called "Meeting Room". The logo featured a double-quotation-mark that is commonly used to mark a conversation sentence. They are fit to replace the double "e" and double "o" on the logo perfectly. The illustration style was chosen to create an ease-to-use feel of the instructional DVD.

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