Thumbnails are made to explore all ideas


I made thumbnails as many as possible to find two greatest ideas. Thumbnails were then categorised and sorted

Some rough are created to see how the text and images was incorporated in the lay-out


I made three roughs lay-outs from every idea that were chosen. By doing that, I can have six alternatives and pick the two best lay-outs.

The final poster then created

Finished Posters & Postcards

Posters and postcards were finalised with all colours and images put into their place.

Mission Fest 2014 Event Poster and Rebranding

In the past, mission festival used pitiful pictures collage for their event poster. Eventhough it succeed in bringing people to the event, it created a wrong impression about missions. So, I rebranded it and created a new look with a more optimistic approach

Creative Brief

To design a two-posters series promoting a local event, festival or conference. Choose an upcoming local event, festival or conference. Design and print two posters to promote that festival. The posters must work as a series and share the same visual language.


I chose Mission Festival for my case study, because the event is a challenge. Religious event posters tend to have similar look and separate themselves from others. So I created posters that will blend-in with other urban posters while it will stand-out as well. And I believe that my posters will rebrand Mission Festival as an event that are fresh and worth attending, including for non religious people.

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