Thumbnails are made to explore all ideas


Many thumbnails are made to explore all ideas and possibilities..

Some rough are created to see how the text and images was incorporated in the lay-out


Two best ideas were chosen, then made into roughs. Two roughs for every idea.

The final poster then created

Finished Posters & Postcards

Posters and postcards were finalised with all colours and images put into their place.

Mission Fest 2014 Posters and Postcards

Vancouverite have gotten used to seeing various posters on the street. But most posters look similar with only few exceptions. These designs will make Mission Fest posters look prominent and different.

Creative Brief

To design a two-posters series promoting a local event, festival or conference. Choose an upcoming local event, festival or conference. Design and print two posters to promote that festival. The posters must work as a series and share the same visual language.


In the past, posters for Mission Fest used sad pictures. I used Maple Leaf instead to present the joy and celebratory spirit that underline the purpose of this event. The Maple Leaf also represent a sense of unity among Canadians, who love volunteering and helping people around the world and show what Canadian is made of. This concept will attract more people to this event.

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