Crossway Curch needed a website for their family event

Crossway Curch need a website for their event, a community fun fair. They already have a poster, so the website has to have the same look.

Collecting photos and images

We asked members of Crossway Church to send their photos and images.

Final responsive site

I hand-coded the web site using Bootstrap framework to make it responsive and animate the background by using CSS3 animation.

Launch Website

Neighbourhood Fun Fair

One way to bring people to this fun fair is to spread the word through an invitation. A fun one, with a lot of animation and fun picture.

Creative Brief

Crossway Church would held a free fun fair for anyone around the neighbourhood. They need this website to invite people to come.


Because the fun fair is open for anyone, the first thing I do is to make sure that this website is responsive, so it can be open from any device. Then I have to create animations pure in CSS because not every device can open a Flash animation. To save costs, I draw all the illustrations.

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