Josh Darmawan creates Kid Zoo logo thumbnails to gather ideas

Logo Thumbnails

Many ideas are sketched to see the possibilities.

Josh Darmawan made some Kid Zoo logo color alternatives

Logo Alternatives

Each ideas are refined on the computer for the best alternatives.

Kid Zoo Stationary final design made by Josh Darmawan

Finished Stationery

See how the final stationery took shape once all colours and images put into their place.

Just Josh Stationary

I want the logo to be flexible so it will be able to show my wide variety of skills. As in the resume I used my logo as a racing track.

Creative Brief

Create personal branding for yourself. Think of five characteristics that makes you unique as a designer and individual and show it in your design.


I create a double "J" that forms a circle as my logo. It is a flexible logo because then I can change it into many things while still keeps the basic shape. I can use it as a race track, or maybe a ring in the future.

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