Researching and Outlining

Web contents are built by thorough research and well thought outline.

Writing Contents

Most people read web contents by quick scanning. This make writing for web different than book. It has to be concise and clear, usually using pointers, to allow for easy scanning.

Wordpress Customization

The Japanese Canadian Internment is a very dark time in Canadian history, which make the black and white theme fits well with the story.

Launch Website

Japanese Canadians Internment

Japanese Canadians Internment is a sensitive issue that needs in-depth researching and accurate writing.

Creative Brief

Choose a subject of interest or a historical event, then create a wordpress website. Add images if necessary, but make sure that you have the right to use the images.


I heard about Japanese Canadians Internment from my Japanese Canadian teacher. Since then I became interested in this history topics. After a research through some books and documentations, I wrote the contents and adjusted it to be fit for online reading. I collected public domain photos from Vancouver Public Library and used it in this Wordpress site.

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