Collecting references from Ikea's catalogue

Collecting References

I used Ikea's Catalogue for model references.

Josh Darmawan creates some rough lay-out after choosing the right idea

Building the Scene

The placement of camera and lightings were very important to get a believable result.

Emergency Preparadness posters and postcards by Josh Darmawan

Final Rendering

Final render was created, a little bit untidiness on the desk add realism.

Home Office

By using Ikea catalogue, I created a photo-realistic office studio. The real model from Ikea helped the image looks more real.

Creative Brief

Creating objects with real life measurement is a challenge. But if doing right, these objects will add the sense of realism to the visual.


I get an Ikea's catalogue from the store to get the model and measurement. Then modelled them using Cinema4D and rendered with VRay.

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